Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snake Lady

Another costume piece I made for Bluerep’s newbie production called “Freakshow.” This is a hoodie that extends into two long tails and a “fringed” necklace. I used a snakeskin-printed stretchy velveteen cloth (I admit to not knowing what it's called), and I like how it coils into cylinders when cut into long strips and kept un-edged. It makes the two long tails look really.. Snakelike, for lack of better words! Hahaha! P.S., I used green and brown tones as well because the actor wearing this hoodie will be in a green leotard and I didn’t want the steel-blue to look out of place. :(

I’m excited to see this baby onstage. :D Oh, and sorry for the low quality photobooth shots.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Contradictions

A couple of things happened over the weekend. Shoots were postponed, drama ensued. LOL NOT RLY! But my shoot with Maronne really was cancelled, so I had a shoot with my friend Ana instead. I normally don't like shooting a day before school, but I really needed a few things for some subjects in school, as well as an entry for a competition I'll be joining.

Anyway, these are just portions of the outfits I had Ana wear. I gave her some pegs a few days before and then made 3 outfits from all the clothes she picked out. Not showing the entire outfit though, and everything will be desaturated, because I feel like I'd be giving too much away in color. I'm not even sure when I'll be releasing the photos, so I've been posting teaser shots on my Tumblr instead.


Outfit number 1:

Shiny, shiny Doc Martens. You can be envious now.

Ana's pants have like...double pant legs LOLOL As in her pants were made in a way that it'd look like she was wearing a pair of pants over ANOTHER pair! Cool beans, if you ask me.

I used a broken necklace as a pseudo-chain belt thing. I think I'm a semi-hoarder for keeping so much junk here in my room, but most of the time I keep said junk for shoots and the like.

Safety pins arranged by size!

Ana has this pin-medal thing similar to what army men wear (lol I suck at explaining things.) We used this in our first 'official' (what) shoot together a year ago, and I had no idea what the hell it was. I even though the tassels were to be left hanging instead of being pinned elsewhere, haha!

Outfit number 2:

More shininess~

The glasses necklace is mine, given to me by Maronne last year. Also, my Forever 21 bow makes an appearance!

Outfit number 3:

Look at the cool spider bracelet-ring!

Hello huge pearl necklace of my mom + my huge flower-bow!

Ah, that was a good way to start the week (and end the month). Speaking of, it'll be September in just a bit, and our blog will be a month old! My, how time flies. I feel like August has taken forever to end though. How about you? How was August for you? I hope it was better for you than it was for me~ Anyway, I'll see you guys in September! ;D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ring Pop Palette

Just another school day.. Or was it? I wore this outfit the day one of my good friends left the Philippines to study in Berklee. :( I wore candy colors as an attempt to sweeten up an otherwise bitter day! Although in the end I was just left with a bittersweet aftertaste.. HAHA OH GOD, please do pass judgment on MY ETERNAL LAMENESS.


Blazer and Top: my mom's | Jeans: Topshop (with DIY ripping) | Flats: Figliarina
My oh-so haggard face.

Hm. I really have nothing to say, except...

I painted my nails!! This is my 2nd attempt. I do believe that I am improving. I could not decide on just one design, obviously. Apart from this, I really don't have much else to talk about, so... Toodles!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flowers Dressed in Polka Dots

Bow: Given by a friend | Necklace: Department store | Purse: Bought at a convention | Dress: Thrift | Skirt (in order from top): Thrift, Kashieca, Linea Italia (?) | Tights: Marks & Spencer (violet), Cinderella (yellow) | Shoes: Thrift
Suddenly, a blast of color. LET YOUR EYES BLEEEED HAHAHAHA! This was what I wore to Day 1 of Metro Comic Con 2010, which involved...comics, more than anything else. I've worn similar outfits to this -- in fact I've worn the same dress with the yellow and red skirts before. But never 3 skirts at once!

Moreover, I'm not sure if that blue skirt came from Linea Italia, but...I really think it did. It was on epic sale, if you're wondering. (As if I'd get anything of normal price from that store, pfft.) The violet tights that were worn over the yellow ones were also on sale too!

Korilakkuma! I normally wear my bear suit of the character at cons, but I wasn't up to it yesterday. Good thing too, since there weren't that many cosplayers or dressed up people to begin with, anyway.

Huge flower on huge bow! I don't remember if the person who gave me this either bought this ready-made, created this from scratch, or bought the bow and flower separately and just placed them together. Either way, it's still pretty cool.

Dots on my skirts and on my legs, mwahaha. Also, thrift shoes once again!

Yellow and orange eye make-up. Booyah.

Maronne and I might be having a shoot soon! FINALLY, AFTER SO LONG. We'll be making a post on that whenever the shoot pulls through, so watch out for that. :D

"Fringe" sounds like a bad way to pronounce "Friends"

Lately, I've been dressing up rather boringly. Shameful! I'm not so keen to have this outfit on the blog, but I love my shoes, so.. I'm posting it. HAHA.

Shirt: my brother's | Belt: SM department store | Shorts: Bayo | Fringed Boots: Thrifted
I'm really loving my new thrifted boots. They're in excellent condition and are very comfortable. Quite a steal for 300 php, if I may say so myself.

Ugh. I've been uninspired. I've gotta pick up the slack, and not just in terms of what I've been wearing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Days And Flyaways

You know it's a lazy day for me when I tie my hair up and wear big skirts or dresses.

Bow: Forever 21 | Top: Thrift | Dress: YRYS | Skirt: Vintage | Shoes: Fancy Flats, bought at a bazaar
Well, scratch that. I usually tie my hair up whenever it's not cooperating, which has become painfully frequent, what with it still being in its awkward growing out phase. The hair on my left side grows so slow!

Lazy outfit is lazy! I have these big dresses that I like to wear whenever I'm not really in the mood to dress up much...or when I just want to wear loose clothing LOL In this case though, it was an old skirt. What's cool about it is that it's got different sized pockets at the hemline.

One time when I was younger, I tried wearing the skirt while having something inside one of the pockets. It felt weird and awkward.

Here's a detail shot of my shoes. Pretty floral prints are pretty~

On a random note, I miss shooting. Maronne and I really need to have a another shoot together. SOOOOON.

♥ Ina

Outfit Dump #1

I numbered it because I'm probably doing this again in the future. My goodness. School's been crazy. I have so many ideas in my head, but I can't put them all into action because I'm busy being consumed by economics and statistics and accounting and whatnot. I don't want to ruin the momentum here, so I'm posting a few outfits that I haven't publicized yet. I haven't been able to experiment these days. Lately it's just been grab-clothes-and-go. :| Waaaaay too many things are going on. But I'm ranting now and it's really irrelevant to your interests. HAHA. On to the outfit dump.

Blazer: thrifted | Dress: thrifted | Belt: Details Trading | Shoes: Dept. Store @ Market! Market!

This is one of the outfits I wore during the musical I previously performed in (Edges: A Song Cycle.) I'm posting it because I'm rather fond of it. The other is just an ordinary schoolday outfit. Ho-hum!

Shirt: Forever 21 | Skirt: Kamiseta | Accessories: Collected from EVERYWHERE.

I rarely ever have time to properly do my hair before school. And my skin has been really effed up lately. Chalk it up to a significant and chronic lack of sleep.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Words That Would Melt In Your Hands

Look what I got on my way home from school! Dropped by an old thrift place that I haven't been to since summer, since I don't live near it anymore. Today marks the end of my prelims week (though not necessarily all the preliminary exams anyway, ugh), so I thought I'd go and treat myself to some retail therapy, seeing as...I am so doomed with my test scores.

I think from all my thrift adventures, shoes have probably been the most purchased item. I have this tendency to always look at shoes first when it comes to thrift, because I've found some of the most unique shoes in those kind of stores.

These shoes look kiiiiinda long-ish on me, but that's how I wanted them to look, so no problem. It was between this or another pair that was black and white (and pricier), but I went with these instead 'cause they had a better fit and I thought, 'Meh, I have my black and white oxfords. I can live without them.' Plus, the floral print's really pretty, too.

I actually got this top for my mom, since I had a feeling she'd like it, but we share everything so I'll prolly be wearing this some other day. Animal print, yo!

Not really sure what the print is, but they looked like blurred out cassette tapes or stereos to me, haha. The hemline was uneven when I tried this out, by the way. Thaz coo thaz coo.

This one has definitely got to be my favorite from all 3 tops! And it was the cheapest, too. Hihi. It's loose and I think the different prints in front are really cute~ This might become another staple to my 'lazy day choices', mwahahaha.

I loooove thrift. How about you? :)

♥ Ina

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sleepless nights of smudged eyeliner

Would've posted this yesterday, but I was SO swamped with plates! So much that I wasn't able to get much sleep, as per usual.

Anyway! Here was yesterday's outfit:

Cardigan: Eastwood bazaar | Dress: YRYS | Purse: Greenhills | Tights: Forever 21 | Heels: Thrift
I was originally going to use another bag, but then I couldn't find its strap and went with this one instead. It was also our good friend Janelle Lagunda's birthday yesterday (go give her some belated birthday love!), and I decided to 'honor' her by using my coconut purse, simple because she had one before I did. I like wearing matching things with friends and I like to wear things that remind me of them when there's an occasion LOL

Here's a better look at that coconut bag:

It compels you.
Also, you can't really see it in the first picture (since I was pretty much covering my neck), but I was wearing my cutiepie duck necklace!

It was a late birthday present given by our friend Stephy. Funny story behind that, actually. She gave me the necklace when our group of friends met up for her birthday dinner. My birthday was a month before hers, so I wasn't expecting anything. I gave her a crummy, joketime! love letter (all it actually said was "This is a love letter from Ina to Stephy." on baby stationary), and then she suddenly hands me a mini paper bag with the necklace and a phone charm.

She did that on purpose just to make me feel bad, I swear.

Random: I have neon pink nails now! Haha. Also, my cardigan is a LOT greener in real life. It has a turquoise shade to it in photos though, for some reason.

Here's a close up of my pretty shoes! Maronne incidentally wrote about her own pair of thrift shoes in her last post. Mine cost just a hundred bucks more than hers, hehe. Those floral tights are pretty awesome too. If you've known me for the past...4 years or so (whut), you'd know I LOVE wearing tights! They're pretty much a staple in my wardrobe. I only recently noticed that I wear a lot of outfits with tights, since I don't own that many pairs of jeans that have a really good fit.

Oh, and just because I found it funny...

Spotted at Debenhams: a slutty version of our high school alma matter's uniform! HAHAHAHA JK not rly, but that's what I told my mom. I don't mind the skirt though, just the top. Um, okay. Till next post!

♥ Ina