Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flowers Dressed in Polka Dots

Bow: Given by a friend | Necklace: Department store | Purse: Bought at a convention | Dress: Thrift | Skirt (in order from top): Thrift, Kashieca, Linea Italia (?) | Tights: Marks & Spencer (violet), Cinderella (yellow) | Shoes: Thrift
Suddenly, a blast of color. LET YOUR EYES BLEEEED HAHAHAHA! This was what I wore to Day 1 of Metro Comic Con 2010, which involved...comics, more than anything else. I've worn similar outfits to this -- in fact I've worn the same dress with the yellow and red skirts before. But never 3 skirts at once!

Moreover, I'm not sure if that blue skirt came from Linea Italia, but...I really think it did. It was on epic sale, if you're wondering. (As if I'd get anything of normal price from that store, pfft.) The violet tights that were worn over the yellow ones were also on sale too!

Korilakkuma! I normally wear my bear suit of the character at cons, but I wasn't up to it yesterday. Good thing too, since there weren't that many cosplayers or dressed up people to begin with, anyway.

Huge flower on huge bow! I don't remember if the person who gave me this either bought this ready-made, created this from scratch, or bought the bow and flower separately and just placed them together. Either way, it's still pretty cool.

Dots on my skirts and on my legs, mwahaha. Also, thrift shoes once again!

Yellow and orange eye make-up. Booyah.

Maronne and I might be having a shoot soon! FINALLY, AFTER SO LONG. We'll be making a post on that whenever the shoot pulls through, so watch out for that. :D


  1. I love the eyeshadow 8D

    It's so Katy Perry! <3 <3