Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lacey frilly idiot in a lavatory

Bow headband: Shibuya 109, Tokyo | White blouse: Zara (I borrowed it from my sister) | Necklaces (shortest to longest): Hot Topic, The Beadshoppe, Greenhills Tiangge | Skirt: Spider, Hong Kong | Shoes: Charles & Keith

WHY YES, I DID JUST TAKE PHOTOS OF MY OUTFIT INSIDE A COMFORT ROOM! Not to worry, it's all intentional, in fact, it's an attempt at satirizing the typical photo compositions observed in fashion-blog-photography! Lush, green grass? A scenic rooftop? A stark white wall? SCREW ALL THAT, here, have a LAVATORY!

Sarcasm aside, I'll have you know that I took all these outfit photos all within the humble span of a 10-minute break in the middle of a 2-hour class! And the bathroom was all I had, really. It was practically empty at the time, and the sink was the only place I could put my camera on so I could take self-timed portraits. Applaud my bravery and desperation. I didn't have any other opportunity to take these photos! In all unglamorous honesty, I really don't get how all of those fashion bloggers do it all the time. Despite Ina being a lovely photographer, she studies in a different school altogether, and since I don't really spend most of my time with other photographer friends, I get by with taking photos of my outfits either by myself or by awkwardly asking a friend to do it for me. Heh, when there's a will, there's a way, indeed!

I was flipping through my copies of Gothic Lolita Bible and got semi-inspired to reconnect with the inner Gothic Lolita fangirl in me and wear a more toned down version of the look to school. I really wish I had more clothes like these. I guess I should bring myself to try and make some despite my annoying lack of equipment (aka an edging machine, which I sort of refuse to work without because I want my seams clean, dammit!)

I adore lace. I think it's my favorite kind of fabric. It makes almost anything look ladylike and elegant! Well, save for the cheaper-looking kinds of lace, when used excessively. (Otherwise I'm totally gaga for anything with excessive amounts of lace.) I love how lace can either look demure, dainty, or sensual and, dare I say it, kinky (HAHA I said it! Judge me not!)-- and maybe even all at the same time. Heehee.

Oh and I almost forgot. I get these absurd urges to do the most random things in the hours before getting ready for school, so I got an old, white, plastic skull-shaped ring and spray painted it with what little amount of spray paint I had left from previous projects. Okay, this part was totally random, I don't even know why I'm telling you this. I failed at making a cohesive entry. And guess what? I'm going to end it here! THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL PAPER, THEREFORE I NEED NO LOGICALLY SOUND CONCLUSION. I am wrapping up nothing. I already posted an outfit shot in a comfort room, so why not continue propagating the blatant lack of poise in this entry by giving you an abrupt ending like... THIS?


  1. How are you handling the heat in the oven that is Ateneo?

  2. @Martin: Pretty fine, oddly enough! T-TH it's pretty annoying so I dress up a lot less on those days, but I have two airconditioned classes on MWFs, so it's not as bad as it was for me last year.

  3. I love, love your skirt! And that ring!! So much envy.

  4. blaaaaaaaaarhg <3

    so much love for your outfiit <3

    i love lolita, i love bw, i love purple and i love skirts , just this whole itfit is just perfect <3
    *adore* *o*