Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Contradictions

A couple of things happened over the weekend. Shoots were postponed, drama ensued. LOL NOT RLY! But my shoot with Maronne really was cancelled, so I had a shoot with my friend Ana instead. I normally don't like shooting a day before school, but I really needed a few things for some subjects in school, as well as an entry for a competition I'll be joining.

Anyway, these are just portions of the outfits I had Ana wear. I gave her some pegs a few days before and then made 3 outfits from all the clothes she picked out. Not showing the entire outfit though, and everything will be desaturated, because I feel like I'd be giving too much away in color. I'm not even sure when I'll be releasing the photos, so I've been posting teaser shots on my Tumblr instead.


Outfit number 1:

Shiny, shiny Doc Martens. You can be envious now.

Ana's pants have like...double pant legs LOLOL As in her pants were made in a way that it'd look like she was wearing a pair of pants over ANOTHER pair! Cool beans, if you ask me.

I used a broken necklace as a pseudo-chain belt thing. I think I'm a semi-hoarder for keeping so much junk here in my room, but most of the time I keep said junk for shoots and the like.

Safety pins arranged by size!

Ana has this pin-medal thing similar to what army men wear (lol I suck at explaining things.) We used this in our first 'official' (what) shoot together a year ago, and I had no idea what the hell it was. I even though the tassels were to be left hanging instead of being pinned elsewhere, haha!

Outfit number 2:

More shininess~

The glasses necklace is mine, given to me by Maronne last year. Also, my Forever 21 bow makes an appearance!

Outfit number 3:

Look at the cool spider bracelet-ring!

Hello huge pearl necklace of my mom + my huge flower-bow!

Ah, that was a good way to start the week (and end the month). Speaking of, it'll be September in just a bit, and our blog will be a month old! My, how time flies. I feel like August has taken forever to end though. How about you? How was August for you? I hope it was better for you than it was for me~ Anyway, I'll see you guys in September! ;D


  1. HNNNN, I like the first outfit a lot! <3

  2. Thank you! Ana has one of the best wardrobes evuuurrrr~