Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snake Lady

Another costume piece I made for Bluerep’s newbie production called “Freakshow.” This is a hoodie that extends into two long tails and a “fringed” necklace. I used a snakeskin-printed stretchy velveteen cloth (I admit to not knowing what it's called), and I like how it coils into cylinders when cut into long strips and kept un-edged. It makes the two long tails look really.. Snakelike, for lack of better words! Hahaha! P.S., I used green and brown tones as well because the actor wearing this hoodie will be in a green leotard and I didn’t want the steel-blue to look out of place. :(

I’m excited to see this baby onstage. :D Oh, and sorry for the low quality photobooth shots.

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