Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a lot of night life along Tomas Morato

I attended a college blockmate's 18th birthday party a week or two ago. It was held at some club along Tomas Morato, hence the title. I'm never actually in that area, but anyway.

Gray top: Thrift | Dress (used as skirt): Vintage United Colors of Benetton | Tights: Crossings (?) | Boots: Oakley | Hairbow: DIY | Necklaces: ??? | Rings: Bought at a bazaar | Bag: Greenhills
The theme of the party, at least in color, was red and black. Just in case you didn't catch that detail yet.

Old grade school bowtie used as an accessory! I'm not good at making accessories though, heh.

I got that cute bag the same day of the party, actually. It's always a problem for me whenever I fix outfits for parties and then come down to the bag, simply because my camera's really big and that limits my choices. That, and I don't usually carry so little anyway. I figured a lot of my blockmates would have cameras of their own for the night, so I wasn't too ruffled at not bringing mine. My bag was my camera for the night! Heehee.

And, just because it was a breakthrough in history, I wore red lipstick for once and actually liked it! Haha!

Old outfit for my first post is a bit... unsettling, at least for me, but oh well. Here's to more outfits and to the healthy life of Cheapskateers! *cheers*

♥ Ina

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