Friday, August 13, 2010

Words That Would Melt In Your Hands

Look what I got on my way home from school! Dropped by an old thrift place that I haven't been to since summer, since I don't live near it anymore. Today marks the end of my prelims week (though not necessarily all the preliminary exams anyway, ugh), so I thought I'd go and treat myself to some retail therapy, seeing as...I am so doomed with my test scores.

I think from all my thrift adventures, shoes have probably been the most purchased item. I have this tendency to always look at shoes first when it comes to thrift, because I've found some of the most unique shoes in those kind of stores.

These shoes look kiiiiinda long-ish on me, but that's how I wanted them to look, so no problem. It was between this or another pair that was black and white (and pricier), but I went with these instead 'cause they had a better fit and I thought, 'Meh, I have my black and white oxfords. I can live without them.' Plus, the floral print's really pretty, too.

I actually got this top for my mom, since I had a feeling she'd like it, but we share everything so I'll prolly be wearing this some other day. Animal print, yo!

Not really sure what the print is, but they looked like blurred out cassette tapes or stereos to me, haha. The hemline was uneven when I tried this out, by the way. Thaz coo thaz coo.

This one has definitely got to be my favorite from all 3 tops! And it was the cheapest, too. Hihi. It's loose and I think the different prints in front are really cute~ This might become another staple to my 'lazy day choices', mwahahaha.

I loooove thrift. How about you? :)

♥ Ina


  1. I super love the 2nd to the last topppp HNGHHH *dies of envy* <3

  2. Aheehee~ I had a feeling you'd be fond of it, for some reason. 8D

  3. Hohoho. Poke me first if you'll be having a closet sale in the future 8>

  4. wah, I just love all of those! they're all so pretty!

    loved the 2nd and last shirts, sooooooo cute *_*

    i've gotten so addicted to your blog >u<

  5. Thanks very much! That last one has become my go-to for lazy days because it's nice and loose. * u *