Sunday, September 26, 2010

Contradicting Concepts

Polo: Maldita Man | Deconstructed high school uniform skirt | Shoes: Cubao X | Bag: Vintage
What I wore to the ACTM Numina Paradoxia even this Friday at Eastwood. Read about it here. I wanted to go for another androgynous look to support my concept, but I'd wear an outfit like this any day, regardless of an occasion.

The polo has a calculator print on the breast pocket, in case you couldn't see clearly. There was another print with some sort of math equation, but since math and I have a hate-hate relationship, it was not going to happen. (On another note: me + math = a contradiction in itself.) Haha! Skirt is my old school uniform; I've wondered what would happen to me if I visited my alma matter wearing that, and...I'd prolly just get in trouble. Heh.

The camera ring is from Cubao X as well, and I do believe you've become acquainted with the rest of the rings on my fingers.

Updating Cheapskateers has been at snail's pace. October (hi sembreak!) will hopefully bring more posts, and perhaps another shoot with Maronne...? Fingers crossed!

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