Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Girls and Their Little Lies

I hate Sundays.

Headband: DIY | Dress: Eastwood tiangge | Necklace: Gingersnaps | Rings: Everywhere | Shoes: Sugar Shoes
I hate Sundays because it's the last day of the weekend, and there's always school the next day. This is why I generally don't enjoy Sundays.

On to more relevant things! The dress was actually something my mom got for me, and I'm really glad she did. The dress is beautiful! I reminds me of old communion dresses, only in black.

It was a buy-one-take-one deal worth P350, I think? That would make it P175 per buy, and a find like this is quite the bargain for that kind of price!

Say hello to my backpack! I got it at the one and only Rockwell bazaar I ever attended with Maronne.

My necklace with milk carton pendants. There's strawberry milk (in a purple carton, wtf), chocolate milk and regular milk!

Another lil' something my mom made. I always wanted those garter-headbands that we used to wear as babies or children, so Mama made a whole bunch of them later on. I wore these a lot when the top layers of my hair were still shorter, but ever since reaching my very awkward growing out phase, I haven't been wearing them as much anymore. This is why you oftentimes see my hair curled; I HATE flyaway hair with a passion, so I either keep my hair up (getting sick of this option though), curl it (most preferred option), or sometimes straighten it with a flat iron. Very rarely do I pick the last choice though! Gah my hair growth is so sloooowwww.

Paired my dress with some bright Sugar Shoes! Don't be fooled though, I definitely didn't get them at their original price. I had been lusting over these since October 2009, and they were finally mine last summer. Remember that epic Rustan's sale at Shangri-la over the summer? Yup, that's where I got these. Original price was around P3,500, but I got them for only...

P800. HAHAHAHA Imagine my shock when I found out! They were actually one size too tight, but there were no more stocks and C'MON MAN. An epic price drop like that doesn't come by often, especially in Rustan's! The fit is better now after being a bit stretched out from being worn.

Other than one boot being slightly dirtier than the other, there's nothing wrong with it. A lot of the items on sale at the time were just suffering from smoke damage, but that's it. I guess that was why so many people were making a commotion in Rustan's. Thank God I got to these before anyone else did, hehehe.

...where did the photo of my rings go? What the heeelll I think I deleted it LOL fail. Oh well, next time!

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