Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pet Sunday

Top: Thrift | Dress: Eastwood tiangge | Shoes: Greenhills (?)
Last Sunday, I took my dog Miso to get her groomed since hair was all in knots and tangles already. (Like really, those tangles were like hard lumps made of hair.) Where else to take her than Tiendesitas? ...alright, there are cheaper alternatives, I'm sure, but Tiendesitas is the most accessible one, at least for us. I kept the outfit light because it's always hot there, and I opted for a long skirt because I wanted to move freely, what with having Miso to chase around.

I honestly do not remember where I got that bag, although I get this feeling I must of gotten it on sale from Linea Italia when I was younger. The top's bead lining and buttons are pearls and the collar totally reminds me of the sera-fuku those Japanese school girls wear. Haha!

Lace skirt with lace...shoelaces, haha. The shoes are old Converse ones that I haven't worn in ages. Pretty sure they're knock-offs from Greenhills because I am a Cheapskateer and cannot afford original ones. Hehehe.

My mom with the newly groomed Miso. We took her to Eastwood later on for the Pet Mass and Blessing. Were any of you there as well? Got any pets of your own? Tell me about it :)


  1. We were in Eastwood that afternoon! We went to buy DQ kasi :-)) We passed by the pet blessing thing, but it hadn't started yet!!! I could've ran into you pala!!!

  2. Drat! Things like that always happen :)) There were so many doooogs it was magical~