Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking Advantage of a Rainy Day

...that, and taking unforseen events to your advantage. I was supposed to have a shoot with Maronne yesterday, but we had to cancel due to the weather. My friend Alex was supposed to sleep over yesterday for a shoot that was planned today, but because of epic miscommunication, she was only available yesterday.

So that Alex's effort to come over in the afternoon wouldn't be a total waste, we decided to have a shoot anyway. Ironically, it turned out okay. Better than okay, in my opinion. It was a great success! I have been wanting to shoot under the rain since forever, and since the weather was perfect for such, we made it happen. It was only drizzling when we started though, but during the latter half the showers started. The shots turned out great and I can't wait to show them on my DeviantArt or LiveJournal.

Here are some portions of the outfit I had Alex wear:

The blazer is mine and the top is Alex's. The blazer is a thrift piece with a beautiful print and lovely button details. Alex's top with pretty prints is very sheer; she asked me if I was okay with her stomach showing (because, well, neither of us have flat stomachs you know), so I told her to wear the skirt high-waisted instead.

Rings from left: Gift, Tiangge (?), Gift, People are People. The one on the far right is so bling.

Alex's Doc Martens with gold stars. I wish my yellow boots were still alive. Sigh.

Here's a sort of outtake of Alex mid-jump showing the entire outfit. The skirt is another thrift item I found; it's pretty much layers and layers of tulle. As you can see, half of the outfit is made up of my pieces while another half is Alex's.

I haven't released the entire set yet, but I have shown a teaser or two, plus a headshot of Alex. Here they are!

I'm pretty excited to release the shots. Keep an eye out for them on my LJ! Bye!

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