Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Folded & Hung + Jellybean S/S 2011

As promised, here's the post on the F&H + Jellybean collection I got to see last Friday!

Jellybean was the first to showcase their collection, and their music was done live by a trio boy band. I honestly don't know who they are. So sue me.

The show opened with a model carrying a bunch of pink balloons. Cute. (Watch out, this post is image-heavy.)

I've always had this mental image (more like mental synonym) of Jellybean being really "girly", as I've probably mentioned in this post. Their collection features just that, using a lot of florals, pastels, ruffles, tutus, big bows, boater get it.

I doubt the tutus will actually be available in stores, but I really did like their collection! The feel was very fitting for spring. I was stupid enough to wonder why the clothes I saw weren't around when I still had my gift certificate, only to be reminded the first release of these clothes was at this very show. Good one, Ina.

Suddenly, Maja Salvador appeared! Not surprising since she's their celebrity endorser, after all.

I secretly wanted that weird tutu-skirt she was wearing. It reminds me of jellyfishes. (Maybe I'm still a bit hung over from watching Kuragehime?)

I seriously wish these clothes were available in time for my gift certificate. CURSE YOU, TIMING! (Yeah okay whatever just shut up Ina.)

So with the Jellybean collection done, this means it's time for...

Folded & Hung! (Did I mention that their backdrop was this huge screen that made it look like the models were coming out of a bus? I thought it was a train at first, though.)

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Is that an Anne Curtis before me?

You go work those cheekbones, gurrrl. (Um, what?)

The idea was to make it look like the models were hanging out and ~*~chillin'~*~ after getting off the 'bus'. Uh, I think so?

F&H's collection had a more summery feel as opposed to Jellybean's spring look. Theirs was a more...bohemian-hippy look. Yeeaaaaah.

Oh, and there was a lot more bare skin. (Pointless detail, how typical of me.)

Hey. Cool tops bruddas.


Oh hey I really like this get up. And that hat.

This could be Tim Yap. (Actually I only heard one of the photographers say that when he came out. I saw the name "Tim Yap" at the makeup area too.) Let's just assume that this is Tim Yap.

Look, it's my high school batchmate Aya! We're in the same university and college, just not in the same course. It was such a pleasant surprise seeing her backstage! I had another doofus moment that night when I unsurely asked her, "You're modeling...?" to which she gave me a nod. I think. Stupid question considering she's a model and was also there at last season's PFW.

Sequence by now is pretty vague to me. Either all the models did their final walk and then Angel Locsin did her strut, or it was the other way around. (Secretly, I mistook Angel Locsin for Andi Eigenmann for a while. Cool story.)

Then suddenly, the show was over. Wow. The entire experience was incredible (I'll elaborate more on this again, accompanied with my backstage shots, on my main blog), and I'd like to express my congratulations and gratitude to F&H + Jellybean for a successful show and for the opportunity!

The show was crazy and wonderful, and considering it was my first time at Philippine Fashion Week, this was also very memorable. I now have a soft spot for F&H, even if...I don't get to buy stuff from there...awkward...

Next post will be on the collections of the final day of PFW. Thanks for reading and sorry for the killer amount of photos. You know you love them anyway YEEAAAAAH KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT.


  1. I loove the Jellybean collection! D: <3

    I'm just seriously in love with it!
    do they have a website or something?

    Oh and yes, I actually DO LOVE the pictures <3
    Great post! Thaanks :D

  2. I really loved the Jellybean collection too! So girly and cute huhuhu

    Here's their site: Enjoy going through it, heehee.

    Thanks for reading! <3