Monday, November 1, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2011 (Outfits)

Ah, nothing says it's time to dress up like PFW. Unless, you know, you're an intern like I was, then it's acceptable if you prioritize comfort over dressing good. I'd like to say...I opted for both? Slightly?

I only attended two days though, as I was involved in two different internships that took up a day each. One was with Folded & Hung and another with Runway Productions, the team that makes PFW happen. So you should bow down to them, you know. Like, really. I'll elaborate on these on some other post (or maybe my main blog?) So! What did I wear?

Blazer: Thrift | Dress: Thrift | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Jellybean

So many prints! I know right? Maybe I should've worn something subtler, but it was my first (and supposedly only time for all I knew at the time) time to be at PFW, and I wanted to make an impression. (Wow, really?) I never got to wear the blazer until this outfit because it always looked...too formal? Too 'formal' for normal outfits. The print reminds me of a fiesta. That was random.

One of my favorite bags to use whenever I'm on the move with lots of stuff to lug around.

What was I saying about comfort and style together? Are these heels? Did I just contradict myself? I think I did! I don't know how other people can survive wearing heels all day long, unless they're seated all the time. I know they're wedges, but they still killed my feet. I wanted to wear them because they're Jellybean, which was also going to be showcased with F&H. ~*~Represent~*~ yo. I thought that it'd be okay since the show would probably go for around 2 hours, at least according to schedule. Then again, I was asked to be there 2 hours early, and the show started 2 hours late, and I was walking around and standing backstage feet were dead when the show was over. That's all.

I don't regret anything about wearing those shoes anyway, because the experience was incredible. Stress and exhaustion aside, I was very, very happy. In the middle of show-prepping I bumped into my friend who was interning for Runway Productions, and she informed me that she needed a replacement for Sunday since she'd be unavailable. So explains the sudden (and quite brief) second internship, which took place on the last day of fashion week, giving me a day to recover. Anyway.

Taking a cue from my dead feet (and the fact that I'd probably be running around and be more preoccupied than the previous internship), I went for sneakers.

1. Thrift | 2. Eastwood tiangge | 3. Thrift | Leggings: Forever 21 | Shoes: DIY
2 and 3 are dresses, and those are liquid leggings. This was a really, really comfy outfit, you know.

First time to DIY something on my own! ...that's juuuust a bit odd for someone being in Fine Arts. Shoe on the left has jacked up bows 'cause I suck, and shoe on the right is my Ooplah shoe. If you don't know who Ooplah is, then we were not friends in my high school sophomore year.

Alright, so maybe I lied a bit when I said I DIY'd this on my own. I asked my mom to sew that crazy polka-dotted thing because I have more patience to paint (thank you, countless plates from school that involved painting for a lifetime--loljk) than to sew.

The magical Ooplah shoe, in-progress. I originally wanted to stick on googly eyes, but then googly eyes would not equate to OOPLAH. Oh, and I wanted to finish this as soon as I could since I wanted to wear them already. Even if there wasn't an occasion to when I made this. Ooookay.

Ah acrylics, we meet again. Last time I touched you was earlier in March, and it was for a Picasso painting. Good times, good times (Really?). I got the sneakers from SM Department Store, if anyone's interested. Cost me about P180? P200 at the most. Cheap trinkets right there.

I distract you with another photo of myself so that we can go back to the outfit details. Effective?

Scrunched up and pinned a part of my top so that I could show off the pretty details of the black dress underneath juuust a little more. Delightful, delightful.

Print of the bottom-most dress. Why yes, this IS the dress from that thrift adventure with Maronne! So nice of you to notice.

Both dresses have a sort of mullet cut to them, meaning the hem is higher in front and longer at the bottom. I am a cake with monochrome layers. Well, well.

I see a Lance Armstrong book in the photos! This is how I will end this post. My next one will probably be about the collections that I got to see. Photo-swamping, perhaps? Anyway, till next time!


  1. The blazer is very cool, nice print!

  2. How did you apply to be an intern? :)

  3. The internship with F&H was a prize from a contest I joined, and the other one was already mentioned in the post. :)