Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You're a Romancer

November is ending and this is only the 3rd post of the month! So here I am with another outfit...3 of them, actually, all of them from a week ago. Late, but it's better than nothing.

Top: Thrift | Dress: Thrift | Skirt: Kids of Bayo | Shoes: Sugar
What I wore to the first day of my college week. Studying in a school that requires you to wear a uniform everyday barely leaves any room to dress up. Personally, I'm okay with being in uniform; it's one less thing to worry about in school. But I still dress up at every opportunity I can take...which is still pretty rare anyway. Moving on.

I partially wore the purple top because it has a cat on it and it was my blockmate's birthday that day (and she LOVES cats -- I call her Cat Lady). It's really, really comfy. Also, spot the Team Helvetica name tag!

Here's a better look at the outfit. 'Scuse the face, I was imitating a friend. Thanks to Nicole Santos for the feature!

Lace cover up: Thrift | Dress: Jellybean | Skirt: Custom made | Shoes: Thrift | Hairpiece: Saizen
Later that Friday I had a dinner at Eastwood with my family. Nothing much to tell so I'll just say (again) that I really love that lace thing and it's one of my best thrift finds and and and that skirt is really old and I still love it.

Necklaces: The Bead Shop and Gingersnaps (?)
Once upon a time I lived in peasant skirts. I was always in those long skirts, with a random tee and sneakers. That was when I had this skirt made, back when I was obsessed with teddy bears. I haven't totally outgrown peasant skirts just yet since I love being in long skirts and dresses. I usually call those my 'lazy defaults'. Uh, okay.

Shirt: Esprit | Dress: Thrift | Bag: 168 Mall | Shoes: 168 Mall | Hair clips: YRYS | Necklace: Gift
Back from my trip to Divisoria, last Sunday I immediately wore two of my new buys. I don't really know what was going through my mind when I was cooking up this outfit, other than maybe wanting to wear a long dress with a weird hemline. When I couldn't find any I just took one of my random lazy dresses, scrunched up the side and tied it.

I call these my 'Gentleman Shoes', even if they're just...typical men's shoes. I was surprised there was a size that would fit me, considering how small my feet are!

Astro Boy bag. Your argument is invalid.

New name tag! I should have an outfit with all my name tags on it. Wearing this makes me a legit Cheapskateer. Trufax.

Hi Maronne, I'm wearing that necklace you gave me all those years ago again. On another note, that tee is just secretly a house shirt that I took from my cousin's closet one summer day when I didn't have enough clothes during a sleepover. Cool beans.

So that sums up last week's outfits. I wonder if December (next week already omg) will be any different from this month. I do hope the weather will be colder so that we could all wear more layers! /hahaha that made me sound really ditzy bye


  1. Friday outfit = my favorite! (I know I'm being biased just because it's mori but WHATEVER IT'S PRETTY <3

  2. hi, where did you get that orange astroboy bag? it's so cute! :D

  3. Apologies for the late reply! The bag's from 168 Mall, in Divisoria. :)