Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Cosplay Fashion" shoot for Supreme!

In my previous post, I mentioned a styling stint that I was not yet allowed to blog about, and since the article has already been published, I think it's safe to go ahead and tell you about it now!

In the middle of a sleepover that I was having with my good friends, Raymond Ang called me up and asked if I could style for a photoshoot for The Philippine Star's Supreme! section-- to which I nervously but immediately replied with a resounding--- (well, it was resounding in my mind, though I think it may have come out awkward and shaky)--- yes. The concept was to have the model (and the subject of the article), local celebrity Andi Eigenmann, in outfits that fused cosplay and fashion (to symbolize the emergence of cosplay into the local mainstream, so I was told-- Boy, am I abusing the parentheses.)

Here are the photos that were used in the article. I'm terribly sorry about the shoddy image quality; I don't own a scanner and had to use my camera.

I tried not to make the outfits adhere too much to certain Japanese fashion sub-groups (e.g. not too Lolita, or not too Gyaru) because I definitely don't consider Japanese fashion to be cosplay, although some people see them in the same light (and they shouldn't be seen that way! Although sometimes people use them as costumes for fun, because they don't normally dress that way, these are actual dressing styles, and aren't just for cosplay, etc.) I tried to combine common various elements found in anime character designs with hints of Japanese fashion and modern street style. Of course there were certain limitations as we were using my clothes, but I do hope I was able to pull it off somehow!

Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes photos...

These are the weapons that Andi posed with. If you watch anime, you should be able to tell they're from the anime/manga entitled Soul Eater. Both weapons were entirely handmade by my friends and I (I belong to a cosplay group called Team orz and we recently cosplayed as characters from Soul Eater.)

My clothes and accessories, which were worn by Andi. They looked really photogenic all laid out like that, haha! And yes, I do own quite a lot of dark-colored clothing...

That's Andi Eigenmann being photographed by Doc Marlon.

This is Raymond Ang, trying to pose like a.. a.. I'm not really sure (I'm tempted to say he was trying to channel his inner nekomimi-- whoops, wouldyalookatthat, I did say it.) He wrote the article, and asked me to style for the shoot! (Thanks again, Raymond. >=D)

Those chained sickles are wielded by a character named Black Star. Raymond and David Milan later mentioned that this look was very Gogo Yubarii!

Behind Andi is hair stylist Buern Rodriguez. He's the epicness behind those Lea-Organa-meets-Lady-Gaga buns!

Here's Andi posing with my scythe; the character who wields the scythe's name is Maka Albarn. (By the way, do you recognize that pose? It was in the photo at the very top of this entry!)

Lastly, here are the people behind it all, from the article to the photos. Going left to right, that's David Milan, Jake Galvez, Raymond Ang and Doc Marlon!

I'll admit, I'll seem really dorky after saying this but I got butterflies when I saw the article. It felt a kind of self-fulfillment similar to the feeling one gets after defeating the boss that everyone struggles to defeat in an RPG, and knowing that you're about to watch one of the best cut scenes ever. D'you know that feeling? You do, right? ... Right? .. ... R-right? ... Nevermind. I'm really glad I "survived" the shoot. It was really intimidating to share a room with such big names in the media and publications industry. See? Do I not sound like a wide-eyed-deer-in-headlights-dork? Haha. Nonetheless, this was quite an experience indeed! I mean, I've done some styling before but only for photoshoots with friends and for stage plays. Hopefully I'll be given the chance to do more of this kind of styling again!

Oh, by the way, please do check out the article if you have the time. The article itself is about Andi, however there is a piece on the local cosplay scene on the next page. It's located on page J-2 of the October 30, 2010 issue of The Philippine Star. Thank you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

All is well today

Well, hello there! I just got back from my first ever non-theatrical, "legit" (only because it's for an actual publication and not random photoshoots with my friends) styling "job"! I can't blog about it yet, but I'll definitely make a post about it as soon as I can! Call me a huge newb (rather, "n00b") or dork, but I feel very giddy about it. Ha ha! Soon, soon, soon. :) But for now, here's what I wore to the photoshoot.

Cream playsuit-dress:  thrifted | Lace camisole: mom's | Necklaces: bazaars | Fringed boots: thrifted

I actually didn't know what to wear at first, since I wanted mobility and a slight sense of understatement (I honestly don't know what an "overstated" outfit is anymore, my own standard for this is blurry and uncertain!) so I dressed just like I would on a (relatively good) school day. I love this playsuit-dress; it's so.. Different! It drapes very deceivingly like a dress, but it's actually closed in the crotch area, like shorts, instead of a skirt.

I love my necklace. Can you see the design on the oval-shaped pendant? It's a little girl, or rather, a nymphet (fit enough for Humbert Humbert's tastes, most definitely) in a rose choker and bunny ears.

The way the thin strips that make up the sleeves are weaved into each other at the back is so intricate and so delicate-looking. It reminds me of dream catchers and spiderwebs.

Oh, and on the way back home, I saw this amazing house. This has got to be one of the most creative and adorable Halloween front yard displays I've seen yet-- well, locally at least. I actually recall seeing this on tumblr, but I didn't think that it was in the Philippines! Plants Vs. Zombies, and life-sized, too!

Admittedly, I don't play the game, but a lot of my friends are addicted, and I've watched a couple of people play it, so I'm definitely familiar with it. P.S. I don't think I can tell you where this is, to protect the privacy of the owners of the home. :) Nonetheless... Isn't it fascinating?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday + Sunday

Two outfits from the weekend! Here's the first one:

Headpiece: Forever 21 | Polo: SM Department Store | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: SM Department Store
Well apparently, my outfit came from 2 stores only, haha! I attended a blockmate's black and white themed debut -- which was also a formal event, unfortunately. I don't think my outfit was formal at all! I hate formalwear; the dresses were always itchy and it just felt being awkward in them. I could only go up to semi-formal, though I never intended to look really formal in the first place anyway.

I don't normally do cut-crease makeup, but I thought I might as well try it once and for all. The eyeliner kept on smudging and made the look kind of messy, but I was too much in a hurry to bother making it perfect.

Details of the polo and skirt. Both had lace, as you can see.

Close up on the huge flower headpiece. It's so big that it looks like a mini hat on me! (In case you were wondering, that was The Exorcist on the telly that my dad was watching. I avoided looking at it because I'm a wuss and can't take scary movies.)

Comfy shoes were VERY comfy, probably because of the platform at the front? Anyway, the next day I had a family lunch (with more people I didn't know than actual family members), and here was the outfit:

Top: Pier Lim | Jumper (used as pants): Tutto Moda | Shoes: Jellybean

The beautiful poncho-like top is by designer Pier Lim, whom I was never really aware of until last year or something. All I knew before was that this top was from 'PIERRAT' -- probably the brand name or collection. I found this piece at another Eastwood bazaar/tiangge a few years ago; there were so many things I wanted from the Pier Lim booth, but I couldn't afford it, so I just stuck with this one.

There's a subtle design at the back, too. Wearing the jumper (which we got at about P500 during a sale from a loooong time ago) made it look like I was wearing suspenders -- exactly what I wanted to go for.

The newest addition to my ring collection would be that key ring that goes on two fingers.

And of course, my shiny new shoes that are uber pretty and are just as comfortable! Added height is made of epic, you know. One of my favorite things from Jellybean now, booyah.

Here's one last photo for the road. Thanks for reading!

The Imaginary Friend

Mickey Mouse hat: from an anime convention | Black lame bandeau: American Apparel | Biker vest: Takeshita-Doori, Harajuku | Studded cuffs: Rebel Gear | Liquid leggings: Forever 21 | Combat boots: Black Peace Now

For more of the set, click here. :)

Photographer: Ina Inonog
Model: Maronne Cruz
Make-Up: Maronne Cruz
Styling: Maronne Cruz, Ina Inonog
Post-Processing: Maronne Cruz, Ina Inonog

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking Advantage of a Rainy Day

...that, and taking unforseen events to your advantage. I was supposed to have a shoot with Maronne yesterday, but we had to cancel due to the weather. My friend Alex was supposed to sleep over yesterday for a shoot that was planned today, but because of epic miscommunication, she was only available yesterday.

So that Alex's effort to come over in the afternoon wouldn't be a total waste, we decided to have a shoot anyway. Ironically, it turned out okay. Better than okay, in my opinion. It was a great success! I have been wanting to shoot under the rain since forever, and since the weather was perfect for such, we made it happen. It was only drizzling when we started though, but during the latter half the showers started. The shots turned out great and I can't wait to show them on my DeviantArt or LiveJournal.

Here are some portions of the outfit I had Alex wear:

The blazer is mine and the top is Alex's. The blazer is a thrift piece with a beautiful print and lovely button details. Alex's top with pretty prints is very sheer; she asked me if I was okay with her stomach showing (because, well, neither of us have flat stomachs you know), so I told her to wear the skirt high-waisted instead.

Rings from left: Gift, Tiangge (?), Gift, People are People. The one on the far right is so bling.

Alex's Doc Martens with gold stars. I wish my yellow boots were still alive. Sigh.

Here's a sort of outtake of Alex mid-jump showing the entire outfit. The skirt is another thrift item I found; it's pretty much layers and layers of tulle. As you can see, half of the outfit is made up of my pieces while another half is Alex's.

I haven't released the entire set yet, but I have shown a teaser or two, plus a headshot of Alex. Here they are!

I'm pretty excited to release the shots. Keep an eye out for them on my LJ! Bye!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Otaku Expo Reload 2010

Dropped by an anime convention during a small breath of free time around 2 weeks ago, because I haven't hung around the cosplay community in a long time and dearly missed.. erm.. Otaku-ing (for incredible lack of a better term. Haha!) Bumped into Erving Go, one of the photographers my friends and I have come to befriend because of our participation in the cosplay scene, and he, being an awesome gentle giant, helped me document my outfit! :D

Goggles: from a random stall in a random anime convention | Biker Jacket: Takeshita-Doori, Harajuku | Necklace: SM Dept. Store | Tank Top: Cotton-On | Denim Leggings: SM Dept. Store | Boots: given by mom (from Hong Kong)

All photos were taken by Erving Go. Thanks, Erving!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pet Sunday

Top: Thrift | Dress: Eastwood tiangge | Shoes: Greenhills (?)
Last Sunday, I took my dog Miso to get her groomed since hair was all in knots and tangles already. (Like really, those tangles were like hard lumps made of hair.) Where else to take her than Tiendesitas? ...alright, there are cheaper alternatives, I'm sure, but Tiendesitas is the most accessible one, at least for us. I kept the outfit light because it's always hot there, and I opted for a long skirt because I wanted to move freely, what with having Miso to chase around.

I honestly do not remember where I got that bag, although I get this feeling I must of gotten it on sale from Linea Italia when I was younger. The top's bead lining and buttons are pearls and the collar totally reminds me of the sera-fuku those Japanese school girls wear. Haha!

Lace skirt with lace...shoelaces, haha. The shoes are old Converse ones that I haven't worn in ages. Pretty sure they're knock-offs from Greenhills because I am a Cheapskateer and cannot afford original ones. Hehehe.

My mom with the newly groomed Miso. We took her to Eastwood later on for the Pet Mass and Blessing. Were any of you there as well? Got any pets of your own? Tell me about it :)