Sunday, February 13, 2011


Top + Skirt: Eastwood + Greenhills tiangge | Headband + Tights: Forever 21 | Shoes: Feet-ish
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As much as I'm trying to refrain from posting (I'm just as sick as you all are of my face on CS -- Maronne needs to post more! *nudgenudge*), I really don't want to keep this blog idle for long.

For my Valentine's outfit (which was last night, seeing as today is a weekday), I went for just subtle touches of florals and lace, and opted for more pinks instead of reds. I didn't want anything that screamed Hearts Day, really.

Anyway! I'll be watching Blue Repertory's Hair (yeah that sounded weird) this Friday, starring our very own Maronne in the cast! Will be sure to update you guys with photos...with hopefully another post under the 'Maronne' tag.


  1. Those lacey shoes are lovely! Everything is, especially the tights :) Btw, I think you look familiar. Are you from CFAD as well?