Monday, March 21, 2011

Bishounen Beasts and Asian Trolls

Neon top + polka dot shorts + shoes: thrift | Vest: old Multiply store | Striped top + necklace: DIY | Ruffly skirt: Jellybean | Glasses: YRYS | Headband: Saizen
What I wore to my friend's Harajuku-themed debut. I don't remember having worn so many layers at once (alright maybe I have, once or twice, although that might of been eons ago), but I wanted take advantage of the theme and go crazy!

All name tags were custom-made, the yellow pin thing that resembles a 'congratulations-your-horse-won-first-prize' ribbon was a gift. Oh, and my DIY necklace is made up of several charms that I got from keychains or toy capsules. Most of them are either Japanese mascots or have a Japanese theme to them.

This necklace was the debutante's giveaway thing. Hello there, Mr. Skeleton! I think I'll call you Scully. Or Gullwing. Or some other name I can find later on.

Here's a picture of my friends and I at the party. All three of them won an award in their respective categories for Best Dressed, which was pretty cool. More than cool, it was funny, but that's another story for another blog.

And here's another with the celebrant. Happy birthday Tish! Your party was heaps of fun (and laughter, and crack...), so thanks for that. WE LOVE YOU!

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