Sunday, April 17, 2011

EverywhereWeShoot! @ Ayala Museum

Top: Mango (gifted) | Skirt + Shoes: Thrift
Thanks to my friend Danica for the shots!
Call me crazy for wearing something so dark in the middle of summer, but this was an extremely enjoyable outfit, paired with a just-as-dark lip color, sort of. Anyway! This was what I wore to the talk and exhibit by artistic duo Everywhere We Shoot!, held at Ayala Museum.

The talk itself, which covered a mini-timeline of EWWS's life in the industry so far, was inspiring to say the least. Breaking into the industry with a style as unconventional as theirs must of been challenging, but that's what I've always liked about them. A style that is so unique and out there is really refreshing.

Their first solo exhibit featured some of their works mounted on glass windows. The effect looks pretty, don't you think?

A piece of advice from Ryan, one half of the team, given to students like myself is to never give up. Pleasant surprises attack when you least expect it, so the key is to keep on doing what you love. Even if you don't have a model to shoot, find a way and work with what you have. (Can you say totally inspired to shoot right now?)

CUTEST DUO EVER, SO OF COURSE I NEEDED A PICTURE WITH THEM! What do you expect? I love you both, please continue making magical art babies. Also, GAROVS CALLED ME CUTE. Totally made my day because I've alwaysalwaysalways thought of Garovs as the cutest thing ever. I've also always loved how she dresses herself because her outfits always express so much individuality!

There was also this foreigner who asked me to wear those glasses with fake eyes and took my picture as part of an international project of his. I happily obliged, giddy at the thought of being able to participate in an ~*~international project~*~. I don't really know what it is (silly me for not asking more on that), but hey, it's not everyday that you get to say you're part of an ~*~international project~*~! *sparkle sparkle*

Snapshot of Jujiin Samonte that I took for a friend of mine who is the biggest Jujiin fan ever. I took his picture backstage at the Jellybean - Folded & Hung show during Fashion Week last year, so I thiiiiink he remembered me from then, albeit quite barely, I'm guessing. Or not at all, but psh regardless, I like taking his picture because he's such an eccentric character.

I've said this a million times already, but I really enjoy being in Makati at night. This was taken while my parents and I were on the way back to Greenbelt coming from Ayala Triangle.

I've also always been fascinated by the underpasses in Makati, as I only come across overpasses than these underground passageways.

And then suddenly, lights. Whut.

Here's an Instax shot with the awesome people who accompanied me to the talk even if just for a while! That's Alex and Jam, both of whom are Junior Jocks at Magic 89.9. I am therefore cool by association, being friends with these rad kids.

Ahhhhh I've jabbered on enough. Such an enjoyable day with an influx of such inspiring and talented people! I hope to be just as talented one day. Congrats to EWWS on your first solo exhibit and talk! Here's to more art and success in the future!


  1. Thank you for coming! I hope you liked our talk and exhibit!!! Keep shooting!! :) btw, i love the underpass photo!

  2. Hiiii I really did enjoy myself. You guys were funny :)) And thank you very much! :D

    - Ina

  3. Harro Jujiin thanks again for letting me take your picture heehee.

    - Ina