Monday, May 23, 2011


Top: Bayo | Dress: bought at a bazaar | Tights: Forever 21 | Shoes: Sugar Shoes

This is what I wore when I got my haircut last Saturday. WHY YES, A HAIRCUT! After over a year of growing my hair out, I finally had it cut. My haircuts are usually a one-time-big-time kind of thing, so you can bet your buttocks that my hairstyle goes through a drastic change after a cut, more often than not. (This is also why I always make a big deal out of my haircuts... oh, and because I'm very particular when it comes to my hair.)

So this is what my new hair looks like. I now have an undercut! I actually wanted to have it shorter on the top so that the undercut could be seen without having to pin some hair back, and my haircutter wanted that too, but he was concerned about narrow-minded people and me being reprimanded by the conservative folks at school. We came to a compromise with this instead, so my undercut will be under the radar at school. *ninja ninja*

On another note, I'm now another year older!

Top/Dress, Vest, Shorts, Shoes: Thrifted | Tights: SM Department Store | Clutch: Gifted

I celebrated my birthday yesterday by watching the new "Pirates" movie (Jack Sparrow has the best swag forEVER) and having an awesome dinner with my parents. Simple and lovely.

Pin: Gingersnaps  | "Nice Boat" nametag: custom-made                   

I don't normally do clutch bags for the sole reason that I'm horrible with them because I can rarely ever fit all my things into such a small bag. I make the occasional exception though, and this one was a special exception for a a reason. Jam, one of my best friends/favorite people, dropped by yesterday to give me her gift. This was half of it and I thought it would go well with my outfit (also because I was really giddy with the present), so I knew I just HAD to use it right away. Thank you Jam! That was really sweet of you. :")

I've secretly had these shoes for over a year now but I only wore them yesterday 'cause I didn't fancy how they looked on me at first (my mom got these for me from the thrift store).

I don't remember where I got the seahorse earring, but it's always been my favorite. The longer red one was an old gift from Maronne, and is actually a guitar pick (its parter is a guitar earring!) I'll prolly be going back to my long and chunky earrings again thanks to my new hair.

A biiiiig thanks to everyone who greeted me yesterday! I don't know how I'm going to thank all of you one by one, but I'll definitely get to it! Someday...

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