Monday, May 16, 2011

Awesome Everything

Top: 168 mall, Divisoria | Dress: Thrift | Shoes: Greenhills tiangge

Necklace + Squirrel pin: Gingersnaps | Heart patch: SM Department store | Pokemon & Bumblee pins: ??? | Red bow: From an old Halloween costume | Rings: Bought at a convention / gifted
Some of my favorite people and I got together yesterday to celebrate the return of our lover Terry who's been elsewhere for almost half a year now! That, and because the Benildean kids of our group will be resuming classes next week, and also because we haven't been together like this in a while, and because we miss each other and...'s not like we need an excuse to see each other, really. They're called my favorite people for a reason.

Anyway, yesterday was heaps fun because we caught up with each other and did some legit ~*~bonding~*~. More photos on my LJ soon enough!

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I have black hair now! It's such a refreshing change for someone like me who's had brown hair for almost 5 years or so. I'm going to get a haircut (FINALLY!!!) this weekend so I'm totally psyched for that change as well!

Ending this post with a picture of yesterday's magical company, because an awesome day with awesome people makes an awesome everything. :)

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