Saturday, May 21, 2011

PFW Day 7: Penshoppe & Mamengo

Dress: Wisdom | Blazer: Thrifted | Bag: Christian Dior | Shoes: H&M | Cuff: Rebel Gear | Fringe Necklace: Girlshoppe | Fabric Necklace: Handmade

Today, I attended Philippine Fashion Week for the first time! Too bad it was already the last day, though.

I made the fabric necklace myself one fine (productively boring) day, out of an old pambahay shirt. This is actually the first time I've used it.

Armor ring: Gold Dot

I wore my face with lightly darkened eyes and purple lips. Majority of my makeup actually consists of drug store brands (LIKE A TRUE CHEAPSKATEER!) The purple lipstick I used here is Wet N' Wild; I bought it in New York for $1 (roughly PhP50) and it works so well. (I think they carry Wet N' Wild in SM Makati so they might carry this line of lipsticks there-- you should give them a try!)

I went with Roxci, who wore her yummy-looking Jellybean platforms. It's really 'cause of Roxci that I went to fashion week at all; she had a spare invite to the Penshoppe show as a Candy Correspondent and she chose to take me along. I figured we might as well catch the L'Oreal show too and got us on the guestlist via my brother, but more on that later!

The show opened with Solenn Heusaff and Victor Basa. Please take notice of that glorious guitar. Wonder if it works well. 

AS SOON AS SOLENN WALKED OFF THE STAGE, MY CAMERA DIED. :( I should have made sure it was fully charged; what a big mistake! All I caught were the last few pieces, care of my borrowing Roxci's footage of the show. She saved my life, okay? Haha!

The collection, named "Trailblazer," had a very "Rockstar Jetsetter" vibe. Aptly enough, the outfits and individual pieces consisted of a lot of dark colors, military, motorcycle and marching band jackets, studs, bling and leather.

After the show, we checked out the L'Oreal lounge, which, despite its crowdedness, gave Roxci and I some very amusing memories!

First of all, there were the amaaaazing desserts...

... And then there were these two models! I was taking candid snapshots of the area with my iPhone when the one of the left noticed and posed for my camera, so I was like "Oh okay! Let's take a real shot of you two," and this photo came to be. After that, he whipped out his own camera phone and said "Now it's your turn!" and he took a photo of us. Role reversal much, heh. That, my friends, is the silly story of how Roxci and I ended up in a model's phone. Hahaha! Well, somehow, at least. That was easily the most amusing thing that happened that night. Blame it on the great drinks and desserts! 

WHAT ARE THESE SHOES? Can anybody ID them for me? I saw them while walking to the hall where the final show was held and I had to take a ninja-stalker (super pangit) snapshot because they were so gorgeoouusss!! Blah, well anyway.. Speaking of more gorgeous shoes, look who I spotted...

The ever-ferosh and inspiring Jujiin Samonte and Paolo Castro-- and their gorgeous shoes. I love angry-looking shoes and shoes that look like they came from another world. Hee. Well, anyway, after that we calmly entered the hall where the L'Oreal show took place.... LOL JUST KIDDING IT'S MORE LIKE WE WERE PUSHED INSIDE BY THE SHEER FORCE OF AN EAGER MOB OF STYLISH AUDIENCE MEMBERS. It was funny. I wasn't even willing myself to walk; Roxci and I were literally pushed inside like soda cans being buoyed by the waves of an ocean.

That's Roxci with my brother, who is currently interning for L'Oreal. Quite a jump from the dorky guy you saw in my Mr. Big entry, don't you think? He's really a pretty stylish guy. Don't you just love his blazer? It's a very matte denim fabric, which makes it incredibly versatile. Anyway, on to the collection! 

(P.S. The shots are really blurry because my camera was so so so dead as in DEAD, so I had to ask for Roxci's help with taking the shots-- Thank you Roxci!!!-- and we were seated so far away! I did my best to "save" the photos for you.) 

The collection of the late Louie Mamengo was very film Noir meets Edwardian meets 1940s glamour, with a few modern and dare I say even futuristic touches here and there, such as the bubble hoodie seen above and the ballgown below with the big Latex-like skirt.

The designer, Louie Mamengo, passed on due to cancer a few months before the show. It was put together with the help of his good friends. He also made his final walk at the end of the show through their help-- they carried the jar that contained his ashes down the ramp as the fashion show, as well as the entire Philippine Fashion Week, came to a close. It may have ended things with a heavier note, but it was a very beautiful and moving finale. It was a historical moment for Philippine fashion and I'm glad I was there to see it happen. :)

(Credit goes to Roxci for the Penshoppe and Mamengo fashion show photos; thank you, Roxci!)

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