Thursday, May 26, 2011

Worries Washed Away

Tank top: Bayo | Denim vest: Thrifted | Pants: from Bangkok + DIY rips | Shoes: Androgyny

Today, I ran some promotions errands for Blue Repertory with the help of Ina. After that, we headed out to a nearby mall (Eastwood!) to (belatedly) celebrate a good friend's birthday.

Ring: H&M | Bracelets: ....Anywhere and everywhere.

New favorite wedges! Whenever I look at these shoes, the words "desert warrior" automatically pop up in my head. HAHA! I feel like a female video game heroine could don these babies while battling thieves in sand dunes.

Top + Shorts: Thrifted | Belt: Borrowed from dad | Shoes: Greenhills tiangge

It's Ina's turn to type!

Erm. Pins are from.. Everywhere? Some are from Clipper, others from Artwork, etc.

Bracelets: Rustan's

Those rips in my stockings weren't intentional, you know. They gave birth to themselves.

... And it's Maronne again! This was taken on the way to Eastwood. I know I'm not the only one who watches rain drops race with each other down car windows during a rainy drive. I also love it when they slowly "collect" each other and merge into one another as they fall.

I like unicorns. I seem to suck at impersonating them though.

We met with good old friends, like Alex, who cosplays with me and is a Magic 89.9 Junior Jock. It was her birthday! (We have the same birthday, actually. Cool beans. - Ina) That's why we all met up.

There's also Jam, who's a Magic 89.9 Junior Jock like Alex. She always talks like she's in a concert and has a very pretty singing voice.

This is Mae. She looks like a little girl, but is actually one of the oldest in my circle of friends. She is bent on making the most out of her education. I envy her academic focus!

Important life lessons from a set of bracelets.

I laughed for a good minute when I saw this. The concept is just so... Thought-provoking, for lack of a better word. I mean, seriously? A Commie-themed restaurant? ... Seriously? This I would very much like to see.

We ate at Cyma, a greek restaurant. Naturally, we ordered one of their most famous dishes. Grilled cheese with bread.

Not only is it really delicious, but the way they serve it is quite a spectacle-- A waiter sets the cheese on fire right in front of you while the rest of the staff yell "OPA!"

That is what it looks like. Oops-- someone already took a bit of the cheese! Hungry kids, we are.

Garlic & Pita bread with a dip made out of cheese, spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Angel hair pasta with tomato sauce, salmon chunks and goat cheese on top.

We snacked on chocolate too! Kinder Schoko-Bons... I'm a sucker for any kind of Kinder chocolate.

Bloated with good food and good vibes. To wrap up all of the good things, I bid you a good..Bye!

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