Sunday, June 26, 2011

Battle Royale

Top: Vintage | Robe: From Japan (gifted) | Pants: Terranova | Shoes: SM Department Store

So I've just recently read the book Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, as well as watched its movie counterpart and film sequel. Can I just say that I'm totally IN LOVE and paranoid and bothered. Koushun Takami is brilliant, and I got attached to this one character named Shogo Kawada, so much that I cried and... well anyway, go read/watch for yourself.

I originally wanted to do a sort of Japanese school uniform kind of outfit, since I'm all hung over with BR (as if you couldn't tell from the post title already), but I figured I'd already done that kind of look lots of times before, so I just went with a Japanese-motif-ish-whatever outfit instead.

I've always wanted to wear this robe with an outfit, but I've never come up with any feasible ideas until today. To avoid it looking too robe-y, I placed the ends of the robe in my belt loops so that I'd have a shorter hemline. And, well, I just liked how it looked. HAHA.

So in love with these beautiful prints!

As per usual with these outdoor shots, I have my cousin Gen to thank for the pictures. :D

Bag: Vintage

I used to really hate clutch bags, but now I am totally appreciating them for some reason!

Necklace: Vintage

Bracelets: Borrowed from mom

Rings: Gifted

Now for a little greeting from some furry friends...


Haha thanks for reading! Here's a bye from Bailey and I! *rhyme*

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