Monday, June 6, 2011

Ending Summer With A Shopping Spree

Ina and I attended the Summer Solstice Bazaar to unwind and hang out before school starts and we don't get the chance to see each other for a long time again. This is what I wore.

Top: from a bazaar in school | Pants: Hot Topic | Hat & Fox tail: from Singapore | Necklace: SM Dept. Store | Shoes: Fashion Stop Shop


And here's what Ina wore.

Lace top: Mango (gifted) | Printed top: Folded & Hung (borrowed from mom) | Top with tulle trim, skirt, shoes: Thrifted | Leggings: Tiendesitas

I've been going crazy with prints lately (I've also been on the hunt for printed leggings, go me), and this top had some pretty prints on it. It reminds me of... Indian/Persian festivals, if I knew any. 

Ring: Regina's | Bangles: Gifted

What I love about these shoes is that they have a sort of faux hairy texture!

Later on, Jam joined us!

So much makeup I wouldn't even know where to start looking had I entered that booth! I thought it best to stay away.. I had other things to prioritize purchasing! Haha!

I, on the other hand, could not stay away from the makeup. My mouth watered from all the pretty colors and products -- I ended up getting some lippies for myself, heh. - Ina

This is what Jam wore. This look suits her a lot. I loved this outfit. Don't you? Especially her top and necklace.

While I'm always fond of having a picture with Maronne for every joint post we have, here are photos of us with Jam instead. 

Anyway, this might be our last post together until a... very long time. It's back to school for me by tomorrow and Maronne's going to be held hostage in rehearsals for Blue Repertory's Little Shop of Horrors, where she's been cast in the role of Audrey. Hopefully inactivity won't be too much! Also, sorry if you might've been confused with who was who in terms of narrating the post, since I'd butt in from time to time LOL You can obviously tell who's typing now, right? HAHA Till next time, and thanks for reading!

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