Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Solution Is To Sail Away

Last night, I attended my very talented friend Ejay's 21st birthday party (he calls it his man-debut.) I'd give you some prelude to segue into the interesting bit but since I'm too eager to share this with you I'll cut to the chase: it was a yacht party! I mean, I've traveled on cruise ships with my family, and though that's great fun, I have never partied at sea with my friends, so this experience was refreshing and thrilling! Ejay's a member of my musical theatre org, Blue Repertory, so naturally I attended with my beloved orgmates.

Apologies for my deadpan face. You'll see some smiles later on, not to worry! In any case, here's the outfit breakdown:

Dress: Undernourished Manila | Accessories: Forever 21, Mom's antique costume jewelry | Booties: Syrup | Bag: Chanel

This is the birthday boy (who we nicknamed "Captain" that night) in a very handsome outfit! His name is Ejay, and he is a very talented musical director and pianist. He's also a fellow officer of the org, currently holding the position of Artistic Director. Like myself, this guy grew up with, lives and breathes musical theatre!


Speaking of BlueRep officers, here I am with my VP for promotions Tina Ramos (I'm the AVP) on the extreme right, and the AVP and VP for HR, Nina and Roxci, to my right!

I quote my friend Nina when I say this: "You gotta know very well who to trust in college. I got my girls right here." Joined by the lovely Dana Marquez, these are the girls who I've formed a beautiful (and awkward, and crazy) sisterhood with in BlueRep. I know that they've got my back and that they're my awesome high-heeled knightesses in glittering armor! (Shut up, I think that was a very cool mental image! Hahaha.)

Digressing, here are some photos from the party...


Toff (who was recently my director in BlueRep's very successful run of Little Shop Of Horrors) and Gio, being stylish and cool as per usual.

The subsequent images pretty much speak for themselves...


The view was lovely from the bow of the yacht! We climbed down to the very tip. (Oops, my bag's flap is open.. HAHA!)

Here's to not drinking but still feeling rather tipsy because the boat kept rocking from side to side! It was mad fun trying to dance and avoid slipping on a swaying boat-- in 5 inch platform stilettos. I got dizzy and had to sit down every now and then, but regardless, it was such a feel-good party. 

I love this photo. These kids are way too cool for my life. Haha!

There's nothing quite like dressing up and letting loose with great company.

This was the highlight of that night-- aside from spotting porn playing on a widescreen tv in a dark room in another yacht that we passed by HAHAHAHA-- and undoubtedly a much more wholesome and heartwarming highlight.. Lighting Ejay's birthday candles! Except, well, they weren't candles, they were floating lanterns, inspired by the ones in Disney's Tangled (which a lot of us absolutely love! Well, generally we've got lots of mad love for Disney.)

They really floated away! It looked and felt like magic. Too pretty. This party was a wonderful way to cap off a hectic month (if you noticed, I haven't been posting 'cause of too much work!) The solution to destressing is simply to sail away and drown yourself with everything and everyone that makes you happy. I say that quite figuratively, but in this case, I really mean it quite literally.

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