Thursday, March 31, 2011

Starting Summer in Style

Following the feeling of being drowned in the dense, murky swamp of my academics, summer has thus far had me splashing straight into clear and refreshing waters-- especially with the internship I took under Aranaz (as a personal shopper for their Summer 2011 Trunk Show at the Hidalgo building in Rockwell) jumpstarting what I know will be a very interesting summer vacation!

Dress: (a uniform for all the interns that day) Soiree by SM Dept. Store | Biker Vest: from Harajuku, Japan | Belt: Glitterati | Booties: H&M
As per usual, here's the obligatory outfit shot. The green leopard-printed dress was provided by Aranaz for all the interns to wear. We were, however, given the freedom to dress it up as we saw fit. I was supposed to go for a summery look, given of course that it would obviously be season and collection-appropriate, but I ... Well frankly, I have no excuses. I'm way too partial for black, leather and studs. Again, I'm not sorry at all! Hahaha! But then I didn't look out of place, anyway, so it's all good. 

Here's a closeup, of course. I have worn that vest to oblivion and beyond. I love it dearly.

I was very pleased to be in the company of Andrea, a very good friend of mine. We handled the registration job for a few hours before we ended our shift and resumed our personal shopper duties. Oh, by the by! Almost all the photos I used in these blog came from her, so please do visit her blog if you want to see more of the collection, and another side of the story! (Andrea, if you're reading this, thanks for the photos ;D) The sad, sad fact about me is that I seem to be perpetually incapable of documenting material for this blog well enough... I almost wish that I could summon Ina and her magical camera powers at will.. I'm going off-topic. Let's move on.

Here are photos of some of the collection as they were displayed during the Trunk Show. Now I mentioned that I'm not as fond of summery, beachy style as I would like to be, but I love indigenous materials, especially when combined with a more cosmopolitan design, and these bags exhibit exactly that. The display was.. Well, eye candy. I could almost taste pina collada in my mouth as I got a good look at everything. No, I'm serious. Yes I know my imagination works like a cheesy advertisement.

Amina Aranaz with the Starfish (right) and Seahorse (left, being held) bags.

Rajo Laurel (I was starstruck when he popped in. I'm a fan of Mr. Rajo Laurel!) holding the Fiesta shopper, next to Amina Aranaz, with the Tali horizontal shopper.

Stylish, beautiful and business-savvy sisters Rosanna and Amina Aranaz!

Here's a preview of the collection taken by Gabby Canteros for It includes some of my personal favorites: The camsur tie-dyed drawstring tote bag in a vibrant turquoise below, the Isla straw luggages (with an adorable leopard-print lining) behind the Camsur, and the Starfish color-blocked snakeskin clutches propped on top of the beige Isla. But really, everything else is worth seeing, too-- Go check them out at Stylebible's designer spotlight on Aranaz's Summer 2011 collection.

Speaking of, look at where Andrea and I wound up! Hahaha! I'm so unapologetically amused at this. Click here to see more of the beautiful people who visited the trunk show and what they wore! Why yes, I did just indirectly call Andrea and I beautiful people. Got a problem with that? Haha I kid, I kid.

I'll end this blog with these photos of Andrea and I with Martin Yambao, who was the awesome panda who got us this internship! I'd like to reap the same benefits as Martin come the end of my collegiate life. This guy is fresh out of graduation and already working with the fashion industry in a job that he enjoys-- and the opportunities are just piling up for him! Remarkable. In any case, thanks for having us, Martin! I had a load of fun, and congratulations to the whole Aranaz team for the successful release of the Summer 2011 collection!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bishounen Beasts and Asian Trolls

Neon top + polka dot shorts + shoes: thrift | Vest: old Multiply store | Striped top + necklace: DIY | Ruffly skirt: Jellybean | Glasses: YRYS | Headband: Saizen
What I wore to my friend's Harajuku-themed debut. I don't remember having worn so many layers at once (alright maybe I have, once or twice, although that might of been eons ago), but I wanted take advantage of the theme and go crazy!

All name tags were custom-made, the yellow pin thing that resembles a 'congratulations-your-horse-won-first-prize' ribbon was a gift. Oh, and my DIY necklace is made up of several charms that I got from keychains or toy capsules. Most of them are either Japanese mascots or have a Japanese theme to them.

This necklace was the debutante's giveaway thing. Hello there, Mr. Skeleton! I think I'll call you Scully. Or Gullwing. Or some other name I can find later on.

Here's a picture of my friends and I at the party. All three of them won an award in their respective categories for Best Dressed, which was pretty cool. More than cool, it was funny, but that's another story for another blog.

And here's another with the celebrant. Happy birthday Tish! Your party was heaps of fun (and laughter, and crack...), so thanks for that. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Wear the Same Dress Over and Over Again

Let me share with you that time in January when I documented two outfits that used the same dress.

Top: People are People (?) | Dress: (vintage) United Colors of Benetton | Skirt: Tiangge | Shoes: Thrift
Not all that obvious, but I'm wearing my overused Benetton dress underneath. The skirt/tutu/petticoat thing was something I found in this place near my old house. I think they have custom-made stuff...? I dunno, it was just something random we stumbled upon one night after having dinner out.

I'm not sure if this cropped top is really from People are People, by the way. Regardless, I like how it looks like strips of paper were glued onto the shirt. Hurrhurr. Also, accessories here are either from Gingersnaps/Just G., bazaars and a capsule toy.

Here's a better look at the skirt. Moving on to the next outfit...

Top: DIY | Shoes: Dad's
Same dress from the other outfit. This striped top was an old tee that I got from the department store. The idea of making it like a mullet-shirt-cape thing came to me some time last year, but it only came to life in January when I asked my mom if she could do it for me. ('Cause I can't sew, hehehe......)

Also, the shoes are my dad's, and I'm really surprise how well they fit me and NOT MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I HAVE CLOWN FEET hahahaha!

I like 'mullet' dresses/tops/skirts (and well, hair, like how mine pseudo-is), so this is almost the same concept. Basically I had the front part cut off then sewn on the end of the back, so the front is bare and back is really long. Moreover, when I got the shirt, the design was a deliberate 'inside-out' thing, making it look like the shirt is worn in reverse.

Necklace: The Bead Shop
Rings are...from everywhere again LOL


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Face

Top + Shoes: Thrift | Skirt: Eastwood tiangge | Leggings: Forever 21
Went to an exhibit today as a requirement for one of my classes. I wanted to wear something really comfortable and easy to move in, hence the loose top and leggings.

Necklace: Just G.

Why yes, I have glasses again, thanks for noticing. Herpderp.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I do mean the title quite literally. HAHA. I haven't updated in so long since I've been too busy with school--yet again-- and I haven't had the time to document my outfits for the blog. So Ina was just kind of left here to keep things alive. Sorry about that, Ina! Hopefully I'll be posting more.. Erm, soon. Somehow.

Anyway, here's what I wore to school one fine dismal day (hence the eternally style-cramping ID.) Lately I've been returning to my old wear-black-90%-of-the-time ways.

Mesh top: vintage, borrowed from mom | Black dress (under): H&M | Brown lace-up boots: H&M |  Accessories: Random bazaars

I don't know why I look different in these photos. Squinty, in fact. It's rather odd. Oh well. I don't usually wear lipstick to school, but lately I've gotten a tad bit addicted to wearing dark red on my lips. I'm really enjoying this, it makes me feel a little surreal, like I could be a vampire or an evil wood faerie or a witch, or a zombie whisperer of sorts. I've always been partial to darker shades of a certain color, especially red. 

Close-ups, as per usual.

Allow me to stare you down as I bid thee farewell.