Sunday, June 26, 2011

Battle Royale

Top: Vintage | Robe: From Japan (gifted) | Pants: Terranova | Shoes: SM Department Store

So I've just recently read the book Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, as well as watched its movie counterpart and film sequel. Can I just say that I'm totally IN LOVE and paranoid and bothered. Koushun Takami is brilliant, and I got attached to this one character named Shogo Kawada, so much that I cried and... well anyway, go read/watch for yourself.

I originally wanted to do a sort of Japanese school uniform kind of outfit, since I'm all hung over with BR (as if you couldn't tell from the post title already), but I figured I'd already done that kind of look lots of times before, so I just went with a Japanese-motif-ish-whatever outfit instead.

I've always wanted to wear this robe with an outfit, but I've never come up with any feasible ideas until today. To avoid it looking too robe-y, I placed the ends of the robe in my belt loops so that I'd have a shorter hemline. And, well, I just liked how it looked. HAHA.

So in love with these beautiful prints!

As per usual with these outdoor shots, I have my cousin Gen to thank for the pictures. :D

Bag: Vintage

I used to really hate clutch bags, but now I am totally appreciating them for some reason!

Necklace: Vintage

Bracelets: Borrowed from mom

Rings: Gifted

Now for a little greeting from some furry friends...


Haha thanks for reading! Here's a bye from Bailey and I! *rhyme*

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Top: Zara | Pants: Freeway | Shoes: Summersault | Bag: Girl Shoppe

Ring: Gifted

What I wore for Father's Day. I originally wanted to go for something more on the androgynous side, given the occasion, but the moment my mom pulled out these pants from the closet, I knew I just had to wear them today. And since I'm fun-sized, heels were a must!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies! Love and blessings to all of you. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthdays and Back to School

Heeeeyyyy everyone! How was the first day (or week/s for some, myself included) of school? My mind is secretly still in summer bum mode, but my body says otherwise. Anyway, here's an outfit I had last Saturday for a friend's birthday dinner.

Top: Borrowed from mom | Dress: Thrifted | Shoes: SM Department Store

One of my friends said I looked like a mascot for Omakase, which was the restaurant where we had dinner. Another said I resembled a member of the Akatsuki (the rogue ninja group from Naruto) because of the dress. Never really thought of it that way, but I can see how they made that comparison. I guess this dress is a chic version of the Akatsuki cloak? HAHA!

I love all the crazy details on this dress. I've had it since last year but only wore it last week because I was never sure how I'd wear it.

My lovely company that night. Thanks for an awesome dinner (and beyond!) Belated happy birthday again, Stephy!

Here's an outfit I wore the next day for some family affairs.

Top + Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: YRYS

I don't think I've properly introduced my genie pants to this blog yet. No explanation needed as to why they're called genie pants!

The shoes have gold and silver sequins that you can switch between when you rub them. I thought that was pretty rad. /dweeb

The ribbon necklace was originally a necklace and earrings set (the two smaller bows are the earrings), but I asked my mom if she could attach the earrings to the necklace instead.

The chain necklace I believe is from Girl Shoppe? Please notice the space ship print on my top that I super duper love.

Thanks to my cousin Gen for these shots!
Oh right. The bangles are a gift from my mom when she went to the States a couple of years back, and you're all well-acquainted with my jelly bracelets from the kid's department at Rustan's.

This top makes me feel more like a ninja than the other outfit, if anything. Hello, epic-that-turns-into-a-hood!

That's pretty much it for this post. Thanks for reading!

Ghosts (First day of schoolyear '11-'12)

Blouse: thrifted | Leather shorts: thrifted | Brogues: Pill | Necklace: SM Dept. Store

The word "ghosts" in this blog title alludes to many different things-- except the supernatural. It refers to the surreal return of people who have been lost to you over a period of time-- in this case, a huge crowd of students and familiar faces (whom have all been missed dearly) filling the halls of my university, which was almost literally devoid of life during the summer. It refers to the state of my body, feeling as if it were floating, phasing through walls, detached from tangibility, numbed to the routine just to cross on over to the other side.. I mean, to the other side of the classroom doors and further away from the awkwardness of not knowing anybody in the class and the dryness of going through syllabi. It means the ghost of the summer state of mind lingering in my consciousness as I enter the school year, once again, for the first time. In writing, it seems like such paradox-- how your "first days" repeat in terms of going back to school, that is. But really, very little about each of my first days were repetitive. They seem to get  graver each year, though-- because, well, it's like watching an endangered specie draw closer to extinction. Soon I'll be looking back at the ghost of all of my "first days" in school. It almost seems as mysterious as the supernatural.

Both the top and shorts cost me only P50 each, isn't that just splendid? I didn't have to blow more than 2k on leather shorts at retail stores. I totally high-fived myself when I found them. What I love about the blouse is the placement of the striped fabric on the sleeves and collar, as well as the shape and length of the collar itself.

The lines running down the front of the shorts give them a subtle "paneled" look.

When I got home, the zipper on the back of my leather shorts got completely stuck and I couldn't take them off. I had to cut them open. Needless to say, my shorts are "broken" for now. I'll have them repaired soon via zipper replacement.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ending Summer With A Shopping Spree

Ina and I attended the Summer Solstice Bazaar to unwind and hang out before school starts and we don't get the chance to see each other for a long time again. This is what I wore.

Top: from a bazaar in school | Pants: Hot Topic | Hat & Fox tail: from Singapore | Necklace: SM Dept. Store | Shoes: Fashion Stop Shop


And here's what Ina wore.

Lace top: Mango (gifted) | Printed top: Folded & Hung (borrowed from mom) | Top with tulle trim, skirt, shoes: Thrifted | Leggings: Tiendesitas

I've been going crazy with prints lately (I've also been on the hunt for printed leggings, go me), and this top had some pretty prints on it. It reminds me of... Indian/Persian festivals, if I knew any. 

Ring: Regina's | Bangles: Gifted

What I love about these shoes is that they have a sort of faux hairy texture!

Later on, Jam joined us!

So much makeup I wouldn't even know where to start looking had I entered that booth! I thought it best to stay away.. I had other things to prioritize purchasing! Haha!

I, on the other hand, could not stay away from the makeup. My mouth watered from all the pretty colors and products -- I ended up getting some lippies for myself, heh. - Ina

This is what Jam wore. This look suits her a lot. I loved this outfit. Don't you? Especially her top and necklace.

While I'm always fond of having a picture with Maronne for every joint post we have, here are photos of us with Jam instead. 

Anyway, this might be our last post together until a... very long time. It's back to school for me by tomorrow and Maronne's going to be held hostage in rehearsals for Blue Repertory's Little Shop of Horrors, where she's been cast in the role of Audrey. Hopefully inactivity won't be too much! Also, sorry if you might've been confused with who was who in terms of narrating the post, since I'd butt in from time to time LOL You can obviously tell who's typing now, right? HAHA Till next time, and thanks for reading!

Happy Birthday to Maronne's mom!

A couple of nights ago, Maronne and I, along with some other friends, had dinner at Cafe Lupe in Antipolo for Maronne's mom's birthday celebration. I've never been to Cafe Lupe (and I'm never in the area anyway), so it was a nice evening to jump start the week. (Also, it's my last week to live a.k.a. final week of summer break huhuhu.)

Maronne and the birthday lady! Hihihi how adorbs. (Thanks again for having us -- and for everything else for the past years, Tita!)

Tita with our friends Jam and Alex, whom you've heard of from time to time here on the blog. Magical Junior Jock friends! PUN INTENDED? Heh.

Instax shots! Too bad the birthday celebrant got semi cut off in the first picture.

Maronne and her brother Fael performed a couple of songs that night. Here are some of them:

Cover of Black & Gold by Sam Sparro

Cover of Price Tag by Jessie J. Witness Maronne rapping. LOL.

We had to leave early due to respective morning commitments the next day, but before we left, we were pulled to the dance floor... where Jam ended up sashaying with a dance instructor of a sort. Amusement.

Dress: Thrifted | Shoes: Kenneth Cole (vintage)

The shoes were given to me by one of my mom's friends. I don't remember why she had to get them off her hands though. Accessories are from everywhere! Most of those charm bracelets are really old, 'cause I was really fond of charm bracelets growing up.

Along with charm bracelets came my fondness for long earrings. I've been bringing them back lately thanks to my haircut. Anyway, that's all from me. Thanks again Jam for taking my shots!

This is what Maronne wore.

Dress & Shoes: The Ramp | Vest & Belt: Thrifted

Good times, as per usual. That is all!